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Staff Roster
Erolution has resigned from his Community Owner position.
Ept has resigned from his Staff Manager position.
Kicker has resigned from his Head Admin position.
Syndicate has been set as the new Community Owner (8).
Ethereal has been set as the new Community Co-Owner (8).
Jumals has been set as Community Manager (7).
ProTotyPe has been promoted to Staff Manager (6).
Osher has been set as Server Scripter (6).
Perfect has been hired as Server Scripter (6).
Flexus has been promoted to Head Admin (5) and set as SF Colonel.
Wizard has been promoted to Lead Admin (4) and set as NG Mod.
Face has been reinstated as Lead Admin (4) & NG Leader.
Niikola has been reinstated as Server Admin (2).
Nexus has resigned from his Senior Admin (3) position.
Fasa has resigned from his Trial Admin (1) position.
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