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  Credit purchases are currently not working
Posted by: Erolution - 08-19-2019, 12:20 PM - Forum: V.I.P Shop & Related Information - No Replies

Please do not purchase any credits for now. It isn’t working properly and you will not get any credits. Those who have already purchased credits but not yet received them will get it most likely this upcoming weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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  Brief Update on Rules, Bans, Ping Limit and more
Posted by: crystalcastles - 08-18-2019, 03:58 AM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (30)

Rule Updates & Punishments

We will be making some additions and changes to the current rules in the near future - these are some, but not limited to:

  1. Toxicity is not permitted - provoking, disrespecting others, making the chat miserable / unreadable for others.
  2. Impersonation of any community member or staff member is not permitted.
  3. Bug Abuse in any form can range from a 7 day ban to a permanent ban depending on the severity.
  4. Withholding information about cheaters / abuse from staff members will result in a severe punishment.

* We reserve the right to permanently bar someone from speaking in-game or even ban a player up to a month and possibly longer depending on the situation and severity for being a constant source of negativity and toxicity.

On top of these rule changes, we're going to start being more strict with players who aren't new to the server. Players can expect to receive longer admin jails / mutes and even temporary bans up to a month (!) for violating certain server rules based on their history.

Adjusting Bans

Effective today, we are no longer allowing cheaters to infest our server and we are going to be taking action against it.

Players who are found cheating will be permanently banned and we will update the system to reflect this change. All current valid bans will be converted to permanent bans.

If players are given a single second chance, the minimum amount of the that the ban will be reduced to is 30 days and we'll be increasing the percentage of stats that are cut.

We will also be looking into a ClientAntiCheat to improve the quality of the server by filtering out suspicious players and ban evaders.

Ping Limit & Packet Loss

Effective today, the maximum ping of our server will be 450. This number is not final and may be subject to change. We want to eliminate laggy players who negatively affect other users as we all know LS-CnR is more DM-focused. We will also be deciding on a number for PL - those who go over this number will be auto-kicked and be forced to relog. We're aware that the host can cause PL spikes, so we will fix that issue before implementing any PL auto-kick features.

Future Updates

We will be releasing one more update (2.6.5) before we begin development of Update 3.0 / V3 - this will address the tedious faction level grind, add some QoL changes and add a few more things for players to spend their in-game money on along with a few other new things. We'll also be tackling many of the bugs that have plagued the server. Now is the time to post your suggestions if you want it to be included in the next update.

We will be completely re-writing most of the script from scratch with 3.0 / V3 and it will change a lot of things about the server. Creating fresh, new and fun experiences is going to be the focus on this update. It will take a while for us to make this update and we will release updates every once in a while to show the players how development is moving along and take in feedback accordingly, but we also do not want to spoil everything that will be coming.

Heart  Phoenix V Management

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  The new hosts has arrived!
Posted by: Vortex - 08-10-2019, 09:29 AM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (24)

[Image: Na9z7m0.png]

Phoenix V is pleased to announce the new change of our hosts, we have been working on this all the last night to provide the players the best gameplay quality.
The new hosts location is at Roubaix in France, the LAG / FPS issues should now be fixed due to the server location & performances.

In addition to this change we also made a few changes in our community, the changes are:
VIP panel link changed to https://lscnr-samp.com/donor
(VIP threads updated)
Server IP:
Enjoy your play with us!

Best regards, 
Phoenix V - Management Team

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  Hiring Scripters for LS-CnR!
Posted by: crystalcastles - 08-01-2019, 01:03 PM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (43)

If you think you have the experience and knowledge, please contact Osher#9999 on Discord for further information.

We are also willing to pay.

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Exclamation Phoenix V LS-CnR: Update 2.6.4 - Patch Notes
Posted by: crystalcastles - 07-28-2019, 10:13 AM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (33)

[Image: 2Qlv0uA.png]
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
The server will be brought back online and this update will be deployed today (28/7) assuming all goes well. No set time yet.
Stay tuned on Discord.
[Image: MdauJcw.png]

Server Changes / New Features

  • Added all 2.61, 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 features / fixes back (read below for patch notes).
  • The server will now restart every 12 hours to help reduce server lag / crashes.
  • It no longer takes multiple tries to enter an interior / marker.
  • Multiple server maps have been permanently unloaded to help improve FPS in certain areas (Market, Apartments, Idlewood, etc).
  • Assassin / Reaper Bombs no longer have an animation while planting them but their cooldown has been increased.
  • Added a shortcut for Partner Rob - /prob.
  • The Ammunation inside of the SWAT Base has been moved to an area nearby for all players to access.
  • National Guards can now speak to their faction mates.
  • Patriots can now only be driven by National Guards.
  • National Guards can no longer use /tk.
  • Special Services can now use /sellguns.
  • Players in AD / DM arenas will now spawn with 100 Armor and heal to max health when killing another player.
  • Players must be innocent in order to use /ad or /dm and will instantly kill them instead of waiting for next death.
  • Players will no longer receive -1 death when using /leavead or /leavedm.
  • Players will now be slapped and given a personal announcement for shooting a player who is cuffed or tazed.
  • Supply Crates now grant 2 Faction XP when placed every 20 minutes.
  • Chainsaws now cost $30,000 and break after a single kill.
  • Jammer's cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Admin Jail now displays how long a player has been ajailed for in the main chat.
  • Updated textdraws for Heists.
  • Removed the Criminal Class 3D text (e.g. Weapons Dealer, etc)
  • Removed minimap blips for all 24/7 businesses.
  • Removed the Fake-Death anti-cheat measure to prevent abuse.
Bug Fixes
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
  • Fixed an exploit where players wouldn't lose their Faction Drugs after dying.
  • Fixed a MASSIVE issue where players businesses would be lost and Heist / House Rob markers would break upon using /getbizz.
  • Furniture inside of Faction HQs will now save correctly.
  • Players will now lose the Duffle Bag, Disruptor, Plastic Mask and Vault Bomb when dying.
  • Players will no longer be able to crash the server via Discord.
  • Fixed an issue where /sellbizz would incorrectly display the wrong label.
  • Fixed an issue where /cnr was completely broken. It will now display the amount of cops and civilians.
  • /look will now display proper prices for weapons.
Issues that were not acknowledged here will be fixed in a later update before Update 3.0.0, e.g. /toggletds.

2.6.3 Changes
[Image: MdauJcw.png]

What's Next?
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
We will continue to release hotfixes / mini-updates if needed, but the goal for the future is:
We will begin working on a massive overhaul for LS-CnR titled Update 3.0.0 that change many, many things and add many more new features, such as a Cop Heist, revamping Heists and changing the way that Factions level up for example. This will be the biggest update that we'll ever release for this server. There's no further news other than that for today.

[Image: MdauJcw.png]
I will be hosting a Q&A to answer any questions that players may have in this thread, please ask your questions below.

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  Update on Server Development - 7/22/19
Posted by: crystalcastles - 07-23-2019, 01:52 AM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (24)

For the past two weeks, development has been slow due to real life and personal reasons. We're sorry about that and we're going to be communicating more often with all of you through these development updates.

We will be re-releasing Update 2.6.3 before the month of July ends at the latest, depending on if all goes well. This update will address some of the FPS issues (more on this below) and adding changes back that people have been requesting ever since we reverted along with fixing some issues and changing some things. We'll also be sharing some of the changes that we intend on having in this update as a teaser for what's to come along with giving some insight on what we're doing.

I will also be hosting a Q/A and I will answer any question if it's relevant to the topic at hand. Please ask any questions in a comment below and I will reply.

A full changelog will be available when the update goes live. For now, here's a few changes / pieces of info on highly talked about things:

Inconsistent Interior Markers
We've fixed the issue where it would take multiple attempts to enter / leave an interior, from what we can tell.

Video Preview: https://streamable.com/aotsk

Spawning with Beer / Cigar
We identified an issue where players would spawn without any weapons in Grove Street holding a Beer / Cigar when dying to a natural explosion while in a vehicle spawned by /v - this has been fixed. On a side note, players will also no longer be able to spam /v in order to avoid dying.

Frame rate issues stem from poorly optimized scripting from 2011 - 2015. There isn't much we can do in the short-term to help improve FPS outside of trying some changes which we've implemented in this update. However, we intend on completely re-writing most of the code in our upcoming major update. There is no estimated release date for this.

Assassin / Reaper Bombs
We've changed bombs back to how they used to be in this server's early days. There is no longer an animation for planting a bomb and you can immediately detonate it upon planting it. For balancing measures, we've increased the cooldown in between using /bomb again. We'll keep an eye on feedback.

Video Preview: https://streamable.com/borwy

We are going to be making changes to Chainsaws as they're currently too strong for weapon_config syncing. Details on this when the update goes live.

The SPAS-12
We're currently looking at options on how to handle the SPAS-12 and how effective it is with weapon_config syncing. We've had a good amount of complaints on how "overpowered" the SPAS-12 is. We'll leave a poll up on what you, the community, want to do with it. We will go with the most popular choice - please vote above.

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  Phoenix V LS-CnR: Update 2.6.3 – New Zones, Bug Fixes & More
Posted by: crystalcastles - 07-06-2019, 11:23 PM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (28)

[Image: dv3D4Ia.png]
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
This update took extra time to release because we wanted to make sure that we got every bug that's currently known by players and add some of the most requested features / changes that you, the community, requested.
To prepare for the new update, the server will be locked until the new update releases as of this post going live.
The new update will be released TOMORROW (07/07) at 15:00 GMT +2.

Server Changes / New Features
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
  • The server will now automatically restart every 24 hours to significantly reduce lag after prolonged uptime.

  • Added 5 new zones that can be captured: Moonlight Plaza, Del Perro Pier, Diablo Center, Joe Bros' Weapon Depot, Vinewood Cemetery, Abandoned Gas Station.
  • /servercap now rewards 50 Faction XP instead of 20 Faction XP.
  • Timer for recently-captured zone has been reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Added four new partner robs at the following locations: The Pier, Weapon Depot, Abandoned Gas Station, Vinewood Cemetery.
  • Added a timer to indicate when vehicles will automatically respawn at 30, 15 and 5 seconds prior to respawn.
  • Added /offerbizz - any value above 350 will count as in-game cash, otherwise; you can sell them for property keys.
  • Added /fnextlevel.
  • Added some additional commands for staff members.
  • Added three more Car Jacker locations - use /gps to see them.
  • Car Jackers now receive 2 Wanted Levels for entering any vehicle as a baseline - this is not a stacking effect.
  • Car Jackers now also receive an additional 2 Wanted Levels for successfully demolishing a vehicle successfully.
  • The cooldown on demolishing a vehicle has been increased from 45 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • Players are now rewarded 15 criminal score upon completing a Heist successfully.
  • Heists automatically grant Heist members 10 Wanted Levels upon launching a Heist.
  • Robbing businesses now guarantee a minimum of $8,000 ranging to $20,000.
  • Partner Robs now guarantee a minimum of $20,000 ranging to $60,000.
  • You can no longer deal damage while inside of an Ammunation.
  • Cuffed and tazed players no longer take damage and players who attempt to attack said players are slapped and given a personal warning.
  • New players now instantly earn money instead of having to use Money Laundries up to 250 score
  • Removed the ability for LEOs to ticket staff members while they are spectating.
  • Removed 3D Text on ajailed players.

  • Removed a spawn location in East Los Santos.

  • Removed a fair amount of objects from the Mall zone to increase the amount of FPS within that area.
  • Removed the Wanted Level that was given upon ramming someone due to abuse.

Bug Fixes
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
  • /fupdate has been completely fixed.
  • Car Parking now slaps / warns players correctly.
  • Car Tunnel (Mod Shop) now works correctly. Use /gps - Mod Shop to find their locations.
  • Fixed a semi-rare occurrence where bombs would sometimes not detonate.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get teleported upon entering a certain marker while heisting.
  • Fixed an issue where Cookie Palaces couldn't be sold. They are now available again.
  • Fixed an issue with partner robbing and spectating.

  • Fixed an issue where players would drop to extremely low framerates while in a specific Drug Farm.
  • Players no longer get teleported upon clicking a specific key while using a Supply Crate.
  • Discord logs now register correctly.
  • LEOs now ignore Wanted Level messages while inside of a Drug Farm.
  • LEOs can no longer ticket spectating staff members.
  • LEOs can no longer attack each other's vehicles.
  • Certain staff commands have been fixed.

If you notice a bug that isn't on this list, it's because we either didn't have time to get to it in order to push this update out or because we weren't aware of it.

Host / Lag Updates
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
We've been taking in your feedback about server mapping and that it causes framerate drops. We've also noticed a lot of feedback about server lag / player warping.
This is what we're going to be doing about it.
FPS drops
  • Reducing the usage of objects used in the server as a whole.
  • Reducing the amount of objects used in specific areas in order to obtain higher FPS.
  • Reducing the amount of objects going into future mapping in order to prevent earlier mistakes.
  • Remapping ALL of the LEO bases that need to be tweaked, such as the SWAT base.
Server Lag / Player Warping
  • Upgrading the server host to improve the performance of the server overall and fix issues such as warping.
  • Changing the location of the host to Roubaix, a location where player ping should overall be generally lower for the player population than it is now.
  • Adding a timer to automatically restart the server to reduce overall player warping / marker lag. (Arriving in THIS update.)
These changes will occur from late July to the middle of August. Thank you for understanding.

[Image: MdauJcw.png]
In addition to that, we the community management, would like to thank you all for the donations that have come in. We really appreciate those who love the server enough to give us finanical backing in order to make it the best that we can.
With your donations, we are going to be improving our server host and buy us a longer hosted tab period and much, much more.
Once again, thank you very much.

Future Updates
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
The moment that this update is released, we will continue developing new features and fixing issues that are reported to us. Do not expect development to slow down. We will continue to transmit feedback to you and ensure that the server stays updated.
Currently, we only have one scripter so updates are slow. This will change soon, we will be hiring a new scripter so we can provide quicker and higher quality updates at a faster pace. More details on this in the future.

Special Thanks
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
A special thanks goes out to the following people for assisting with this update:
  • @"Falcon" for leading the Beta Tester team.
  • Beta Testers for assisting with testing features / providing feedback.
  • Staff members whom were active on the servers.

A special thanks goes out to you, the player, for being so patient and dedicated to our community. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the update tomorrow.

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  Looking for Beta Testers
Posted by: Falcon - 06-25-2019, 09:21 AM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (16)

v2.6.3 will be out soon with some fixtures and cool updates. So, we're gonna need some beta testers to test it out completely before we launch it officially in order to avoid any bugs.

Before applying, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Quote:- You'll have access to Beta Testers section at forum and discord. Also, you'll get Beta Tester role at forums/discord. Other than that, you'll not get any special benefits.
- You agree not to leak out (sell, share etc) any information shared with you. If you're found doing it, necessary actions will be taken against you.
- We need active people who can help us test stuff on daily basis. So, if you're going to be inactive soon, this section's not for you.

Fill out these questions, if you're willing to become a beta tester.
Your In-Game Name:
Your Timezone:
Why do you want to be a beta tester?:

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  Forum Rules!
Posted by: [EC]MegaWolf - 06-11-2019, 08:18 PM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (2)

Forum Rules!

1. Do not spam forum with useless topics or posts. Its annoying and you will get punished for it.
2. Don't PM admins on the forum, unless it is really really really important. We always have our hands full and we dont have time for anyones small needs.
3. Show respect to other players! No flaming, cursing, racism... Tldr; dont be an asshole.
4. Respect admins/operators and their decisions.
5. Advertising is not allowed!
6. No trolling, screwing around, causing problems in our forums, we will take action.
7. Don't bump a topic for no reason.
8. If your signature or avatar is inappropriate it will be removed.
9. We do not allow posts or links to sites that contain sexual content.
10. Post your messages in the appropriate forum-sections.
11. Anyone who willfully breaks forum rules will be banned!
12.You are not allowed to post in other member's threads in the administrative forums sections (I Require assistant, Apply as a staff member & Ban appeal)
13. Doxxing (sharing personal information such as real name, address or personal photos) is strictly forbidden.

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Posted by: SpideR - 06-11-2019, 08:16 PM - Forum: Server Information and Updates - Replies (3)

Complete list of in-game rules

(Last Updated: 7/23/19)

  1. Hacking or using advantageous modifications is strictly forbidden.

  2. Advertising servers, non-related links or IP's is strictly prohibited.

  3. Keybinds and Macros of ANY form, including scroll wheels, are not permitted.

  4. RDM is not allowed (attacking white / yellow colored players).

  5. Refilling your armor / health more than TWICE in combat is not allowed.

  6. Camping in any interior while in combat or as a bounty is prohibited (Faction HQ's, 24/7 stores, ammunations, etc..)

  7. Spamming taze on a player without making an attempt to arrest them is not permitted.

  8. Cop hunting is not allowed (spawn-killing cops in their base).

  9. Attacking players as an EMT or attacking an EMT is not permitted, unless you / they are in a package radius or gang turf.

  10. Revenge killing more than ONCE is not allowed.

  11. Continuously killing players in their Faction HQ after being told to stop is not allowed.

  12. /Su(spect) abuse is not allowed. Read /sureasons in-game for valid reasons.

  13. Bug abuse of any kind to gain an advantage over others is strictly prohibited.

  14. Scamming players is not allowed (not fulfilling your end of a bargain, etc).

  15. Score farming with the help of friends / bugs is not allowed.

  16. Disrespecting players and staff members is not allowed.

  17. Spamming and flooding the chat is not allowed.

  18. Quitting / committing suicide to avoid death, robbery, rape or arrest by another player is not allowed

  19. Quitting to avoid waiting the 30 second respawn timer after dying in a zone is not allowed.

  20. Passenger seat abuse is not allowed. (Shooting as passenger without having a driver)

  21. Abusing animations to avoid fire damage or using /stopanim to avoid an animation is strictly forbidden.

  22. You're not allowed to donate for anyone (VIP Shop).

Kind regards,
LS-CnR Administration Team

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