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Phoenix V LS-CnR: Update 2.6.4 - Patch Notes
[Image: 2Qlv0uA.png]
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
The server will be brought back online and this update will be deployed today (28/7) assuming all goes well. No set time yet.
Stay tuned on Discord.
[Image: MdauJcw.png]

Server Changes / New Features

  • Added all 2.61, 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 features / fixes back (read below for patch notes).
  • The server will now restart every 12 hours to help reduce server lag / crashes.
  • It no longer takes multiple tries to enter an interior / marker.
  • Multiple server maps have been permanently unloaded to help improve FPS in certain areas (Market, Apartments, Idlewood, etc).
  • Assassin / Reaper Bombs no longer have an animation while planting them but their cooldown has been increased.
  • Added a shortcut for Partner Rob - /prob.
  • The Ammunation inside of the SWAT Base has been moved to an area nearby for all players to access.
  • National Guards can now speak to their faction mates.
  • Patriots can now only be driven by National Guards.
  • National Guards can no longer use /tk.
  • Special Services can now use /sellguns.
  • Players in AD / DM arenas will now spawn with 100 Armor and heal to max health when killing another player.
  • Players must be innocent in order to use /ad or /dm and will instantly kill them instead of waiting for next death.
  • Players will no longer receive -1 death when using /leavead or /leavedm.
  • Players will now be slapped and given a personal announcement for shooting a player who is cuffed or tazed.
  • Supply Crates now grant 2 Faction XP when placed every 20 minutes.
  • Chainsaws now cost $30,000 and break after a single kill.
  • Jammer's cooldown has been reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Admin Jail now displays how long a player has been ajailed for in the main chat.
  • Updated textdraws for Heists.
  • Removed the Criminal Class 3D text (e.g. Weapons Dealer, etc)
  • Removed minimap blips for all 24/7 businesses.
  • Removed the Fake-Death anti-cheat measure to prevent abuse.
Bug Fixes
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
  • Fixed an exploit where players wouldn't lose their Faction Drugs after dying.
  • Fixed a MASSIVE issue where players businesses would be lost and Heist / House Rob markers would break upon using /getbizz.
  • Furniture inside of Faction HQs will now save correctly.
  • Players will now lose the Duffle Bag, Disruptor, Plastic Mask and Vault Bomb when dying.
  • Players will no longer be able to crash the server via Discord.
  • Fixed an issue where /sellbizz would incorrectly display the wrong label.
  • Fixed an issue where /cnr was completely broken. It will now display the amount of cops and civilians.
  • /look will now display proper prices for weapons.
Issues that were not acknowledged here will be fixed in a later update before Update 3.0.0, e.g. /toggletds.

2.6.3 Changes
[Image: MdauJcw.png]

What's Next?
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
We will continue to release hotfixes / mini-updates if needed, but the goal for the future is:
We will begin working on a massive overhaul for LS-CnR titled Update 3.0.0 that change many, many things and add many more new features, such as a Cop Heist, revamping Heists and changing the way that Factions level up for example. This will be the biggest update that we'll ever release for this server. There's no further news other than that for today.

[Image: MdauJcw.png]
I will be hosting a Q&A to answer any questions that players may have in this thread, please ask your questions below.
-Stay tuned on Discord
so u have ur own discord server?
- why not leave server opened when u work on test one?
- give vip for free?
(07-28-2019, 10:30 AM)drzazga Wrote: -Stay tuned on Discord
so u have ur own discord server?
- why not leave server opened when u work on test one?
- give vip for free?

I personally wanted to keep the server up in the meantime, but there are reasons for it being down. I'll try to make sure that it doesn't happen in the future.

You don't know when to start the game?
the time clock you specify?

 remove chainsaw's nerf
Set time damn
Where is offerkey commad?? which is bugged
(07-28-2019, 11:20 AM)iSoleus Wrote: Where is offerkey commad?? which is bugged
it was removed in the old update , it will return.
Smile Smile
(07-28-2019, 11:20 AM)iSoleus Wrote: Where is offerkey commad?? which is bugged
it's back
server up now?

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