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The new hosts has arrived!
[Image: Na9z7m0.png]

Phoenix V is pleased to announce the new change of our hosts, we have been working on this all the last night to provide the players the best gameplay quality.
The new hosts location is at Roubaix in France, the LAG / FPS issues should now be fixed due to the server location & performances.

In addition to this change we also made a few changes in our community, the changes are:
VIP panel link:
(VIP threads updated)
Server IP:
Enjoy your play with us!

Best regards, 
Phoenix V - Management Team
Chou Tzuyu<3
[Image: anigif-enhanced-26336-1395419860-5.gif]
Lock the other one
Congratulation to everyone! Cheers!
Congratulations and good job.
Smile Smile
Feeling proud. Angel
(08-10-2019, 10:13 AM)SpideR Wrote: Feeling proud. Angel
of what?
Nice Smile
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