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Can I get my stats and account back from CODE5 LSCnR?
You are able to retrieve your account and keep 35% of your stats from CODE5 LSCnR. More information on how to do so below.

But I don't remember my password/username?
We no longer provide assistance regarding lost CODE5 account credentials.

(CODE5 LSCnR players only) How to get your stats back and transfer your account from CODE5 to Phoenix V
In order for you to retrieve your stats from CODE5 LSCnR, we have created an easy to use system for you to do so with ease.
Note: Money, PK's etc. will not be refunded due to an economic reset.

1. Use the link below and enter your CODE5 LSCnR ingame username and password. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are not ingame in either CODE5 LSCnR or Phoenix V LSCnR
Note: Keep in mind it is CaSe SeNSiTiVe

2. Read and check the three boxes to proceed.

3. Click transfer to complete the process.

4. Your account has now been transferred to Phoenix V. You can now log in to Phoenix V with your CODE5 LSCnR account. Your username and password will be the same as it was in CODE5.


*June 2019 - September 2019*
This Friday will be the final day for stat transfering.


*June 2019 - September 2019*
Note: If you've transferred your stats but they're missing in-game, please PM me here.
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