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Gamemode changelog [v2.63]
Los Santos Cops & Robbers v2.16: (Released on 11/11/2014)

- Some minor bugs fixed.

- /reply fixed, both reply to someone else and /block bypass on /reply bugs fixed.

- The 5 Million money limit where you started dropping money is completely removed.

- Drugs added to package drop for criminals only.

- /zones is now /fzones & /zones now displays all the zones with the Faction that has it captured.

- Key trading is added, /pkhelp for more information on it.

- Added House Upgradation by the players themselves, just go to your house and you'll know what to do.

- Added /rules.

- Administrative updates.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers v2.20: (Released on 1/4/2015)

- Some minor bugs fixed.

- /reply fixed.

- General Code cleanup.

- Bugs with auto-house update were fixed.

- Hit sound changed, something better now.

- Added a silent anti-gabuse system.

- Added Spas-12 to /sellguns.

- Player doesn't take any damage anymore when cuffed.

- PK Trading bug fixed.

- Fixed a bug with /finvite.

- /emp added for the Special Forces.

- Administrative Updates.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers v2.21: (Released on 1/4/2015)

- Bizz Owner name now displayed at the entrance of Bizz.

- Caligula's Casino robbery is fixed(somewhat).

- Administrative Updates.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers v2.30: (Released on 3/4/2015)

- EMT's no longer carry a weapon except for the Fire Extinguisher.

- Added /removemask to remove mask whenever it isnt needed.

- Increased the amount of money earned from partner robbing.

- Added /sureasons for players to read the correct suspect reasons.

- Players with a wanted level cannot enter their faction HQ's now.

- Cuffed player getting damage should be fixed now.

- Untazing time increased to 5 seconds rather than 3.5 seconds of before.

- PK removed from package.

- Added a new powerful criminal class named Reaper.

- /removemask renamed to /mask, now you can put on or off your mask through this command.(2.30a)

- Stealth mode for the SF Class is now 60 seconds.

- Added /openflap for players to stand on the side of a police maverick.

- Administrative Updates.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers v2.34.50: (Released on 18/11/2016)

- A special zone with a special capturing system (Alcatraz Island)

- Reaper class is brought back with minor editions.

- A new cop class is added for 5k cop skills; Secret Services.

- 2 new faction ranks were added.

- Factions now can have their dynamic operational gates in their HQs.

- Improved event system by adding a team system.

- +2 Rob skills instead of 1 when you rob a bizz.

- Maximum player-rob cash is now 25k.

- Players who get wanted level 30 and above get bounty for 30k cash.

- Players who get wanted level 100 and above get bounty for 50k cash.

- Property Keys trading is no longer possible

- Use /toggletds to toggle textdraws visibility in your screen.

- Level 5+ admins now can change players' faction rank.

- Business robbery time decreased to 15 seconds

- Tazing time increase to 2.5 seconds

- Modern villa class no longer exists.

- Some bugs were fixed.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers V244.0: (Released on 9/3/2017)

- Bugfixes! (SWAT bug | EMT/Cop score bug | Playtime bug | Supplycrate bug | Minor/givescore bug)  

- Cops now have a new keybind for tazing, the key Y.  

- When doing /bomb you get an animation, also you can't plant bombs while moving anymore.  

- Chainsaws are breakable now!  

- backpack command is disabled in events.  

- Admins can now give RPGs to players in an event without the players getting banned  

- You can now customize your look at any clothes shop with the command /clothes.  

- New faction level system! This includes:  

Faction requirements level by level :  
-> Level 2: 200.000.000$ + 5k Drugs + 200 Faction XP

-> Level 3: 400.000.000$ + 10k Drugs + 400 Faction XP

-> Level 4: 800.000.000$ + 20k Drugs + 800 Faction XP

-> Level 5:$ + 30k Drugs + 1200 Faction XP

What bonuses you get for each level :

-> Level 2: An extra faction weapon (Desert Eagle)

-> Level 3: Faction members can spawn with 50 armour (Applies on civilian classes only!)

-> Level 4: Ability to spawn a custom faction car set by managers.

-> Level 5: Ability to change your skin to the custom faction skin set by the managers.
-New commands added! ( /fcar | /fsetskin | /fskin | /fdeposit | /fbank | /ftop)  
Command definitions :

/fcar - Spawns a car you set for your faction. Can be used only when near the faction HQ.
/fsetskin -  Sets a skin ID you wish your faction to have.
/fskin - Changes your current skin to the skin you chose previously. Can be used only when you're a normal criminal(not Assassin nor Reaper).
/fdeposit [Amount of cash] - Deposit money inside your faction bank.
/fbank - Displays the current amount of XP, Drugs and Money of your faction.
/ftop - Displays 5 current best factions ordered by the amount of XP/Drugs/Money.
New weed system!  

-Weed can't be planted on every surface anymore.

-There are 3 new farms where weed can be planted

-You can find 1 truck and 1 trailer in each farm!

-When harvesting weed you will get a menu where you can pick one of the following :

-Keep the drugs for yourself

-Deliver the drugs you just harvested to your Faction HQ.

If you choose to deliver the drugs to your faction you will need to do the following :

-> Go to the back of the trailer found on each farm. After going to the said location do /loaddrugs.

-> Get into the truck and attach the trailer where you just loaded drugs.

-> You will get a green house marker on your minimap, that's your HQ, drive to it! Keep in mind that you indeed need the trailer or else you will fail the mission.

-> Once you are near your faction HQ just do /unloaddrugs and you are done! The truck and the trailer will be respawned. The drugs that you delivered will be added to your faction bank which can be accessed with /fbank.

- If you leave the truck you will have 25 seconds to get back into it or else you fail the mission!

- Most wanted event command! LVL 4+  

- The most wanted gets 150 Wanted Level, his companions get 50.

- Once the command is used, all 4 players spawn in a gas station just a bit outside of LS, in Flint Country. Text appears with Administrator XY has started the most wanted event! Player Y is the most wanted.

- On the side of the gas station spawns a black Sultan with 3000 HP for the Most Wanted and his companions to be in.

- Who kills the most wanted gets the reward. A text will display with Player X has killed the most wanted Player Y.

- Custom Infernos Police car for Secret Service class with spikes.

- New City Hall Location with two billboards on the building showing top factions and top players names.  

- Robbers now can plant 5 Weeds plants instead of 3 only.  

- Max money carried on pocket is 5 Millions. Anything above that you start dropping money.

- Max money can be stored inside houses is 5 Millions.

- Money transactions and storage should be mainly via the bank

- An Entire new business system with different interiors. All current businesses will be removed and replaced.

- Fixed Caligula's Casino bug

- 24 apartments were added in Beachside hotel

- Secret Services now can use /heal, /emp, /openflap and cops commands.

- Achievements were reset for all as well as CnR points.

- CnR points now can be used to buy a title above your head via /pointshop
- Added /didach to check if you did an achievement.

- Added /scash to check your session cash.

Golden Bars

Golden Bars are a multi-use economy that can range from: Upgrading your faction to purchasing unique upgrades.

- Players can earn Golden Bars by completing Heists & package drops.

- Packages can reward players with 20 Golden Bars (Very Rare) if they get very lucky; similar to how Property Keys worked.

- Players can melt down Golden Bars at a smelter for in-game cash. One Golden Bar equals $100,000. (200k for faction use)

- Golden Bars can be traded with other players using /offergb . You can view how many Golden Bars you have in your stats.


Heists are a six-player cooperative activity that allow players to earn Golden Bars & Score.

- Player can plan heists for six different banks across Los Santos.

- Each Heist can reward up to a total of 12 Golden Bars, 2 for each player that decides to rob.

- In order to pull off a Heist, a player must have a heavy-duty Bank Van to be able to deliver the heavy Golden Bricks.

For the sake of making Heists fun when the update goes live, I'm going to intentionally leave how the mechanics of how you do them to make it more enjoyable for the players.

The Package System

- Removed lack-luster rewards such as: "X amount of Drugs", "$10,000", so on.

- Added "40 Gold Bars (Ultra Rare)" as a reward from a package.

- Added "30 Drug Seeds (Common)", "60 Drug Seeds (Rare)" & "100 Drug Seeds (Ultra Rare)".

- Added "$50,000 (Uncommon)".

- Added "$75,000 (Rare)".

- Changed "100 HP / Armor, Deagle, Combat (Common)" to "100 HP / 100 Armor, Desert Eagle, Spas-12, Wallet, Ass Plug, Rubber Vest (Uncommon)".


- Players now get rewraded with 20 Score each along with $40,000 each...However, there is a catch to that; If all Criminals are defeated, then Cops will earn it instead.

Faction Level Rewards

Level 2: A choice between Rubber Vest / Wallet / Ass Plug on spawn along with the option to purchase another high-end weapon for 10M. (Deagle)

Level 5: - 250 Gold Bars: Your faction name will appear above your name with the color corresponding to the color you chose in /fmanage. You'll also gain 50 Armor on spawn as a Civilian (non-specialist).

Level 4: You can choose a vehicle that all faction members can spawn by using /fcar near their HQ (Only compatible ones). You can also add further modifications such as wjeels, hydraulics, and minor nitro for extra Gold Bars (5 for each color you choose, 50 for Hydraulics, 100 for x1 Nitro).

Criminal Changes

- The Rapist Skill: rapists have an 60% chance to infect someone with AIDS, and have their health tick twice as fast.

- new players have a 4/5 chance to /breakcuffs so they can stand a chance.

- Removed the "Kidnapper", "Drug Dealer" and "Whore" skills. Their commands are now able to be used by any criminal skill.

- The Lawyer Skill: lawyers can set a price with the star they place, the star can remove UP to 10 wanted levels depending on the Lawyers's score / price. Added an icon on the mini-map for each star so players can spot them easily. Reduced the cool-down to 2 - 3 minutes as 5 minutes is way too long.

- The Carjacker Skill: Reduced the cooldown of Carjacker's skill by 45 seconds and rewarded players 1 score for each car they jack. High-end cars (Infernus, NRG, Bullet) reward more money in the 20k range.

- The Bounty Hunter Skill: players that have the Bounty Hunter skill with an extra 25K to 40K get rewarded for each bounty they kill, with the average being higher (40k) if the bounty has 100 wanted. one skill point reward for each bounty killed.

- The Weapon Dealer Skill: a 90 second cool-down on selling to another player.

- The Salesmen Skill: a 90 second cool-down on selling to another player.

- The Mechanic Skill: For each car a Mechanic repairs,  the player gets rewarded with 1 score, the minimum price is set 10K to prevent abuse. Maximum of 100K. They can add modifications such as nitro and hydraulics for 20k and 10k respectively.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers V 254: (Released on 16/2/2018)

- Bugs patch

Los Santos Cops & Robbers V 255: (Released on 22/03/2018)

- More bug fixes (rob Alex's business all you want).

Los Santos Cops & Robbers V 257: (Released on 1/04/2018)

- Fixed load failed for factions after fdelete (when server restarts).

- Fixed the bug that allowed you to driveby with disallowed weapons when using /look

- Fixed some weed harvesting stuff with cops

- Fixed alcatraz /cuff and /arrest

- Fixed the burger places not having a vendor

- Changed some gang zone sizes

- Can no longer detonate bomb when cuffed/tazed.

- Can no longer get 149 health from eating crap in the shop

- Added some different mapping around the map.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers V 258: (Released on 09/04/2018)

Map changes:

- Beach gym objects added - Thanks Lurid

- Construction site re-done - Thanks Lurid

- Drug factory re-done - Thanks Lurid

- Apartments re-done - Thanks Lurid

- Docks re-done - Thanks Lurid

-Mall map optimized - Thanks Lurid

- Done before this date but never announced:

- S&R bank mapping added - Thanks Myythe

- Downtown bank mapping added - Thanks Myythe

Bug Fixes:

- Added a height limit to capture zones.

- Some minor bug fixes.

Upcoming this week:

- More bug fixes (yay)

[b]Los Santos Cops & Robbers V 259: (Released on 14/04/2018)[/b]

-The overall damage syncing has been significantly improved - nearly all of your shots will now hit even against players who have higher pings than normal. (300 - 600 ping)

-A packet loss limit of 3.0 has been added to kick players the moment they surpass that limit.

-Server-side Damage Informer has been added.

-Players will have an animation upon dying now.

-New EMT & Paramedic base mapped by Myythe.

-Assassins & Reapers can no longer detonate bombs while tazed, cuffed or arrested.

-The Chainsaw now breaks after 2 kills to bring it in line with other weapons and balance it due to the new syncing. (system will improve in the future)

-Players won't be able to get killed by heli-blades anymore.

Los Santos Cops & Robbers V 2.60: (Released on 14/04/2018)

-The overall damage syncing has been significantly improved - nearly all of your shots will now hit even against players who have higher pings than normal. (300
- 600 ping)

-A packet loss limit of 3.0 has been added to kick players the moment they surpass that limit.

-Server-side Damage Informer has been added.

-Players will have an animation upon dying now.

-New custom mapping has been added to the following Gang Zones: Construction Zone, Ocean Docks, Drug Factory, Mall, Apartments & Beach Gym.

-New EMT & Paramedic base mapped by Myythe.

-Assassins & Reapers can no longer detonate bombs while tazed, cuffed or arrested.

-The Chainsaw now breaks after 2 kills to bring it in line with other weapons and balance it due to  the new syncing.

-Players won't be able to get killed by heli-blades anymore.

- More bug fixes
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Phoenix V - Los Santos Cops 'n' Robbers v2.61: (Released on 09/06/2019)

- added administrative commands

- minor bugs fixed

- enabled selling property keys commands

- server plugins updated & cmds re-builded

- discord system implemented & re-builded

- first class changed to criminal from law enforcement

- elevator fixed

- swat base remapped & ng base stuck vehicles removed (thanks chance)

- Money bug fixed, can now get robbed money from any money laundery.

- businesses robbery bug fixed & cmd /buybizz added.
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Phoenix V - Los Santos Cops 'n' Robbers v2.62: (Released on 14/06/2019)

  • - House robbing has been added as valid /su reason.

  • - Removed disarm feature right after prison release

  • - Satellite spawnpoint fixed

  • - Swat Base helicopter hidden object removed

  • - Skill tags above criminals head's has been removed

  • - Changed Prison's name to LSPD Restaurant

  • - Fixed discord channels in game, doubled messages.

  • - Jefferson Motel remapped

  • - Portable Radio has been disabled

  •  Administrative tools has been added/fixed
  •  Pausing while robbing store will cause instant robbery failure

  •  GANG, PMs + FCHAT chat logs has been added in discord.
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Phoenix V - Los Santos Cops 'n' Robbers v2.63: (Released on 07/07/2019)


  • - /fupdate has been completely fixed.
  • - Car Parking now slaps / warns players correctly.
  • - Car Tunnel (Mod Shop) now works correctly. Use /gps - Mod Shop to find their locations.
  • - Fixed a semi-rare occurrence where bombs would sometimes not detonate.
  • - Fixed an issue where players would get teleported upon entering a certain marker while heisting.
  • - Fixed an issue where Cookie Palaces couldn't be sold. They are now available again.
  • - Fixed an issue with partner robbing and spectating.
  • - Fixed an issue where players would drop to extremely low framerates while in a specific Drug Farm.
  • - Players no longer get teleported upon clicking a specific key while using a Supply Crate.
  • - Discord logs now register correctly.
  • - LEOs now ignore Wanted Level messages while inside of a Drug Farm.
  • - LEOs can no longer ticket spectating staff members.
  • - LEOs can no longer attack each other's vehicles.
  • - Certain staff commands have been fixed.


  • - The server will now automatically restart every 24 hours to significantly reduce lag after prolonged uptime.
  • - Added 5 new zones that can be captured: Moonlight Plaza, Del Perro Pier, Diablo Center, Joe Bros' Weapon Depot, Vinewood Cemetery, Abandoned Gas Station.
  • - /servercap now rewards 50 Faction XP instead of 20 Faction XP.
  • - Timer for recently-captured zone has been reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • - Added four new partner robs at the following locations: The Pier, Weapon Depot, Abandoned Gas Station, Vinewood Cemetery.
  • - Added a timer to indicate when vehicles will automatically respawn at 30, 15 and 5 seconds prior to respawn.
  • - Added /offerbizz - any value above 350 will count as in-game cash, otherwise; you can sell them for property keys.
  • - Added /fnextlevel.
  • - Added some additional commands for staff members.
  • - Added three more Car Jacker locations - use /gps to see them.
  • - Car Jackers now receive 2 Wanted Levels for entering any vehicle as a baseline - this is not a stacking effect.
  • - Car Jackers now also receive an additional 2 Wanted Levels for successfully demolishing a vehicle successfully.
  • - The cooldown on demolishing a vehicle has been increased from 45 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • - Players are now rewarded 15 criminal score upon completing a Heist successfully.
  • - Heists automatically grant Heist members 10 Wanted Levels upon launching a Heist.
  • - Robbing businesses now guarantee a minimum of $8,000 ranging to $20,000.
  • - Partner Robs now guarantee a minimum of $20,000 ranging to $60,000.
  • - You can no longer deal damage while inside of an Ammunation.
  • - Cuffed and tazed players no longer take damage and players who attempt to attack said players are slapped and given a personal warning.
  • - New players now instantly earn money instead of having to use Money Laundries up to 250 score
  • - Removed the ability for LEOs to ticket staff members while they are spectating.
  • - Removed 3D Text on ajailed players.
  • - Removed a spawn location in East Los Santos.
  • - Removed a fair amount of objects from the Mall zone to increase the amount of FPS within that area.
  • - Removed the Wanted Level that was given upon ramming someone due to abuse.
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