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Complete list of in-game rules

(Last Updated: 8/29/19)

  1. Hacking or using advantageous modifications is strictly forbidden.

  2. Advertising servers, non-related links or IP's is strictly prohibited.

  3. RDM is not allowed (attacking white / yellow colored players).

  4. Refilling your armor / health more than TWICE in combat is not allowed.

  5. Camping in any interior while in combat or as a bounty is prohibited (Faction HQ's, 24/7 stores, ammunations, etc..)

  6. Spamming taze on a player without making an attempt to arrest them is not permitted.

  7. Cop hunting is not allowed (spawn-killing cops in their base).

  8. Attacking players as an EMT or attacking an EMT is not permitted, unless you / they are in a package radius or gang turf.

  9. Revenge killing more than ONCE is not allowed.

  10. Continuously killing players in their Faction HQ after being told to stop is not allowed.

  11. /Su(spect) abuse is not allowed. Read /sureasons in-game for valid reasons.

  12. Bug abuse of any kind to gain an advantage over others is strictly prohibited.

  13. Scamming players is not allowed (not fulfilling your end of a bargain, etc).

  14. Score farming with the help of friends / bugs is not allowed.

  15. Disrespecting players and staff members is not allowed.

  16. Spamming and flooding the chat is not allowed.

  17. Quitting / committing suicide to avoid death, robbery, rape or arrest by another player is not allowed

  18. Quitting to avoid waiting the 30 second respawn timer after dying in a zone is not allowed.

  19. Passenger seat abuse is not allowed. (Shooting as passenger without having a driver)

  20. Abusing animations to avoid fire damage or using /stopanim to avoid an animation is strictly forbidden.

  21. You're not allowed to donate for anyone (VIP Shop).

Kind regards,
LS-CnR Administration Team
Updated formatting and wording of select rules.
Removed the keybind / macro rule.*

* WITH EXCEPTIONS: CLEO binds, c-bug scripts, slide macros, etc.
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