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Phoenix V LS-CnR: Update 2.6.3 – New Zones, Bug Fixes & More
[Image: dv3D4Ia.png]
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
This update took extra time to release because we wanted to make sure that we got every bug that's currently known by players and add some of the most requested features / changes that you, the community, requested.
To prepare for the new update, the server will be locked until the new update releases as of this post going live.
The new update will be released TOMORROW (07/07) at 15:00 GMT +2.

Server Changes / New Features
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
  • The server will now automatically restart every 24 hours to significantly reduce lag after prolonged uptime.

  • Added 5 new zones that can be captured: Moonlight Plaza, Del Perro Pier, Diablo Center, Joe Bros' Weapon Depot, Vinewood Cemetery, Abandoned Gas Station.
  • /servercap now rewards 50 Faction XP instead of 20 Faction XP.
  • Timer for recently-captured zone has been reduced from 60 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Added four new partner robs at the following locations: The Pier, Weapon Depot, Abandoned Gas Station, Vinewood Cemetery.
  • Added a timer to indicate when vehicles will automatically respawn at 30, 15 and 5 seconds prior to respawn.
  • Added /offerbizz - any value above 350 will count as in-game cash, otherwise; you can sell them for property keys.
  • Added /fnextlevel.
  • Added some additional commands for staff members.
  • Added three more Car Jacker locations - use /gps to see them.
  • Car Jackers now receive 2 Wanted Levels for entering any vehicle as a baseline - this is not a stacking effect.
  • Car Jackers now also receive an additional 2 Wanted Levels for successfully demolishing a vehicle successfully.
  • The cooldown on demolishing a vehicle has been increased from 45 seconds to 75 seconds.
  • Players are now rewarded 15 criminal score upon completing a Heist successfully.
  • Heists automatically grant Heist members 10 Wanted Levels upon launching a Heist.
  • Robbing businesses now guarantee a minimum of $8,000 ranging to $20,000.
  • Partner Robs now guarantee a minimum of $20,000 ranging to $60,000.
  • You can no longer deal damage while inside of an Ammunation.
  • Cuffed and tazed players no longer take damage and players who attempt to attack said players are slapped and given a personal warning.
  • New players now instantly earn money instead of having to use Money Laundries up to 250 score
  • Removed the ability for LEOs to ticket staff members while they are spectating.
  • Removed 3D Text on ajailed players.

  • Removed a spawn location in East Los Santos.

  • Removed a fair amount of objects from the Mall zone to increase the amount of FPS within that area.
  • Removed the Wanted Level that was given upon ramming someone due to abuse.

Bug Fixes
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
  • /fupdate has been completely fixed.
  • Car Parking now slaps / warns players correctly.
  • Car Tunnel (Mod Shop) now works correctly. Use /gps - Mod Shop to find their locations.
  • Fixed a semi-rare occurrence where bombs would sometimes not detonate.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get teleported upon entering a certain marker while heisting.
  • Fixed an issue where Cookie Palaces couldn't be sold. They are now available again.
  • Fixed an issue with partner robbing and spectating.

  • Fixed an issue where players would drop to extremely low framerates while in a specific Drug Farm.
  • Players no longer get teleported upon clicking a specific key while using a Supply Crate.
  • Discord logs now register correctly.
  • LEOs now ignore Wanted Level messages while inside of a Drug Farm.
  • LEOs can no longer ticket spectating staff members.
  • LEOs can no longer attack each other's vehicles.
  • Certain staff commands have been fixed.

If you notice a bug that isn't on this list, it's because we either didn't have time to get to it in order to push this update out or because we weren't aware of it.

Host / Lag Updates
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
We've been taking in your feedback about server mapping and that it causes framerate drops. We've also noticed a lot of feedback about server lag / player warping.
This is what we're going to be doing about it.
FPS drops
  • Reducing the usage of objects used in the server as a whole.
  • Reducing the amount of objects used in specific areas in order to obtain higher FPS.
  • Reducing the amount of objects going into future mapping in order to prevent earlier mistakes.
  • Remapping ALL of the LEO bases that need to be tweaked, such as the SWAT base.
Server Lag / Player Warping
  • Upgrading the server host to improve the performance of the server overall and fix issues such as warping.
  • Changing the location of the host to Roubaix, a location where player ping should overall be generally lower for the player population than it is now.
  • Adding a timer to automatically restart the server to reduce overall player warping / marker lag. (Arriving in THIS update.)
These changes will occur from late July to the middle of August. Thank you for understanding.

[Image: MdauJcw.png]
In addition to that, we the community management, would like to thank you all for the donations that have come in. We really appreciate those who love the server enough to give us finanical backing in order to make it the best that we can.
With your donations, we are going to be improving our server host and buy us a longer hosted tab period and much, much more.
Once again, thank you very much.

Future Updates
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
The moment that this update is released, we will continue developing new features and fixing issues that are reported to us. Do not expect development to slow down. We will continue to transmit feedback to you and ensure that the server stays updated.
Currently, we only have one scripter so updates are slow. This will change soon, we will be hiring a new scripter so we can provide quicker and higher quality updates at a faster pace. More details on this in the future.

Special Thanks
[Image: MdauJcw.png]
A special thanks goes out to the following people for assisting with this update:
  • @"Falcon" for leading the Beta Tester team.
  • Beta Testers for assisting with testing features / providing feedback.
  • Staff members whom were active on the servers.

A special thanks goes out to you, the player, for being so patient and dedicated to our community. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the update tomorrow.
update is actually today at 15:00 GMT +2 not tomorrow Big Grin

Thanks for the updates, it looks amazing. Do you plan on reworking Heists / Drug Farming to make it a bit more complex and interesting?
[Image: LNcPwfN.gif]
Time To Farm Some Golden bars and get 15 Score Big Grin
(07-06-2019, 11:34 PM)Borli29 Wrote: Thanks for the updates, it looks amazing. Do you plan on reworking Heists / Drug Farming to make it a bit more complex and interesting?

The new zones are going to be interested
~Boosting my ego is so nice thank you all~
[Image: 9X7twTZ.png]
(07-06-2019, 11:34 PM)Borli29 Wrote: Thanks for the updates, it looks amazing. Do you plan on reworking Heists / Drug Farming to make it a bit more complex and interesting?

Please suggest that on suggestions section we might forget if you just suggest it here
im glad this update happened thank you

and btw how about the /toggletds that thing is still bugged tho
Chou Tzuyu<3
These changes will occur from late July to the middle of August.

Thanks for the update
Smile Smile
(07-06-2019, 11:59 PM)Dereck Wrote: These changes will occur from late July to the middle of August.


This update goes live tomorrow. The server host changes will occur from July to August as stated, and that's a generous timeframe. Middle of August at the LATEST.

Quote:btw how about the /toggletds that thing is still bugged tho

It'll be fixed in a future update along other things. We didn't want to delay this update any longer than we had to.

Quote:Do you plan on reworking Heists / Drug Farming to make it a bit more complex and interesting?

There are no current plans on reworking Heists / Drug Farming at the moment. Make a post under 'Suggestions' to see what other community members think and we'll go from there.

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